Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"What's It Like In Culver City?"

Participants will be asked to complete, on foot, a circuit around Sony Pictures Studios at 10202 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California. This circuit shall be along the following route:

Begin at the NE corner of Duquesne Ave. and Washington Blvd.; take a right / head SE on Duquesne; at Culver Blvd., take another right; proceed to the intersection of Culver Blv. and Overland Ave. and take a right on Overland; finally, take another right on Washington and return to the NE corner of Duquesne Ave. and Washington Blvd. (Total walk time = 30 - 35 minutes.)

Each participant will walk to the accompaniment -- on Sony Walkman (provided, or bring your own) -- of certain pieces of vital social and statistical information regarding the area for which his / her traversing serves as the representative nexus (even if he / she cannot enter or "see" this central location). Said information has been sourced from the World Wide Web and been read aloud and recorded to audio cassette.

Simultaneous to his / her private listening, participants will also be asked to read aloud and record any language, text or otherwise, he / she encounters along his or her walk using the provided Sony hand-held cassette recorder. Bumper stickers, t-shirt slogans, public signage, overheard conversation are all legitimate or worthy texts for the purposes of this performance.

Once all the various recordings have been returned to the composer, they will be mixed so as to constitute a final or "complete" composition which will be made freely available via the World Wide Web.

-- Joe Milazzo

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