Monday, October 5, 2009

Islands Anyone? - map of traffic islands along Washington Blvd you can visit

Islands Anyone? is an interactive map of all the traffic islands that are large enough for 5+ people to congregate on. You can visit the map to find islands and get directions to them or click on a link below. There is also a slideshow, which is a view of Washington Blvd through the lens of its traffic islands (6 1/2 minutes).

Below is a list of the locations on the map from West to East:
  • Fairfax Blvd: SE, SW, N – the SW island is one of the largest islands on Washington Blvd and the only one that has parking
  • Apple St: freeway offramp and border between Culver City and Mid-City
  • Hauser Blvd: this island has a bus stop
  • Pickford St: these islands are landscaped and perfect for those seeking an idealized, miniaturized nature hike/scenery experience
  • West Blvd: this island has a bus stop
  • La Salle Ave: this island is across the street from a check cashing store with a pair of female mannequins provocatively gesturing towards each other
  • Normandie Ave: the second largest island, this is actually a peninsula, and it has the most pedestrian traffic of the islands on Washington Blvd, it also has a bus stop
  • S Flower: the street level satellite image of this island appears to show a person on the ground, with another bent over them
  • E 23rd St: a lovely, triangular concrete island where you can enjoy some sun in an industrial area of downtown
  • Industrial Way: a triangular concrete island in an industrial area of southern Boyle Heights
  • S Grand Vista: a narrow median too small for assembly but with a look-out point for those willing to traverse a most narrow path
  • 5 Freeway: West of southbound offramp, between southbound offramp & 5 freeway, between southbound onramp and 5 freeway
  • 605 Freeway: very large islands between onramp and offramp, between onramp and freeway
  • Whittier Blvd: NW, N, SThis is one end of Washington Blvd where it turns into Whittier Blvd. These are large islands. There are a couple other small islands here, some are at the intersection but along Whittier Blvd. The island to the north of Washington Blvd is not accessible from Washington Blvd. You have to follow it down Whittier to the intersection of Whittier Blvd and Pacific Pl.

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