Sunday, October 11, 2009

Picture Us on Washginton

John Burtle and Carlin Wing invite you to come play a game of Telephone. Use your cell phone camera to help create a series of photographs that will bounce from coast to coast. While you are heading down Washington Blvd in Los Angeles, a small outpost of people are in Gloucester, Massachussetts, dawdling along Washington St towards the Atlantic. After signing up, you will receive a text with a photograph from this outpost. We ask that you take a photograph that in some way echoes or resembles the photograph you receive and then send it back in the other direction. As we travel down our respective Washingtons, we'll continue sending images cross-country until we reach the sea. At the end of the event, we will post the series to the "A Day in LA" website. In order to participate, give your phone number to John Burtle at the start of your trip down Washington Blvd, or text your phone number to (718) 753 1394.

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