Sunday, October 11, 2009

NNW L.A. Network Identification and Collection Division (NICD) in Action on Washington Blvd

Meeting up in front of the First Fundamental Bible Church (FFBC) @ 11000 Washington Blvd, Whittier, CA.

Neighborhood Network Watch (NNW) L.A. Chapter Network Identification and Collection Division (NICD) member J.R. Jones, equipped with Dell Mini 9, Quickertek Hi-Gain USB WiFi Adapter, and KisMac (open source wireless network discovery and penetration software).

Matthew Muro, a nearby resident and also a member of the L.A. Chapter's NICD.

Starting up a scan for wireless networks in the vicinity.

Matthew Muro points out the direction the networks are in to J.R. Jones.

Audrey Chan and Matthew Muro on the hunt for more networks.

In all 47 networks were found, with 5 unencrypted, 34 encrypted with the weak easily crackable WEP encryption, and 8 encrypted with the stronger WPA encryption scheme.

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